totem columagaziki

Culture Coup / DIMITRIA Festival / curated by Shahar Kazara artists / Nicola Lane / Ben Lee Martin / Martin Pfeifle. Aristotle Square, Thesaloniki, Greece totem columagaziki  is a greek 

column made of 88 magazines from thesaloniki. The magazines where folded in using the same technique as people magazines [+] . a distorted totem to media worship. The firm replica breitling watches uk
column as often is the case in greece,  toppled down the next day. totem columagazikii is a chant, a mantra to the lost gods of greece and to the ghost of aristotle. reapeat it outloud 3 times and you will feel a shift in your heart. totem columagaziki totem columagaziki totem columagaziki

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