Air Cambodia Phnom Penh


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During my residency in the "Pavillon" at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris we spent a month in Pnom Phen, Cambodia. We were given a budget of a couple hundred $$ and told we could produce a "work of art" there. We were told that you could have anything made for very cheap. I disliked this idea from the start and decided that i would spend the money in another way. I decided i wanted to work with children and by chance had just met my Tai Chi teacher Bruno Eap who was half Cambodian and who had just started a center for children in a small village not far from the city. It was arranged that i would spend a week with the group of 15 children. And so i invested the money in paper pens, pastels, some maps and a copy of "le petit prince" in cambodian and together we spent several days drawing. I also had brought along my digital camera whcich i lent to some of them to take pictures of thier home. We woke up in the morning at 5 and did tai chi in candlelight until the sun came up. I also had brought my video projector and i organized a projection of the movie "koyaniskatzi" The whole village ended showing up about 75 people, and the general conclusion was that they prefered the scenes of nature than those of the city. The next day the screen was still up and they started to play with there shadows in the rising sun. we took rapid frame pictures of this and made small animations. We did the same process with each of them doing martial arts and made flipbooks which we showed at the show organized at the french cultural center. asme bpvc 2019 the night of the opening we rented a bus picked up the group and 2 of there mothers went aaa replica bags and had a big dinner, then we went to the show where they discovered he animation and flipbooks, i gave them prints of all the pictures we had taken together, later before female watches replica panthère de cartier going home they suggested we go to the fairground so we went and had some rides on the merry go rounds. Coming home to paris later that month i dug the first virtual hole, which was the begining of a tunnel that i would like to dig to cambodia. Some day soon i hope to return and make this a reality with a world wide hole.