hole 1.0

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hole 1.0 was tested in febuary 2005 during "air cambodia" Pascal Beausse, Marcelline Delbecq, Alice Guareschi, Andrè Guedes, Nicolas Juillard, Corentin Hamel ,Anne-Laure Maison, Benjamin Lee Martin, Christian Merlhiot, Jorge Núñez, Mathieu Simon, air idealizer:Jean-Luc Vilmouth "After a three week old workshop  in Phnom Penh in Kampuchea, the six artists and the police chief residents of the House, as well as the teaching staff, organize a two weeks exposure to the Palate of Tokyo, site of contemporary creation. Extreme, geographical, cultural, economic displacement and political A here value of experimentation: to adapt to conditions of design, realization and reception different from those which have course in Paris. Kopi  Klokker Rolex ReplicaOrologi Replica Italiacheap replica watchesFor the artists, it is to call into question the relevance of their works and their practices, to take part in an experiment of collective creation" hole 1.0 is a virtual hole in the 2nd story

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floor, looking down at the visitors below entering the main hallway of the palais de tokyo. hole 1.0 is the begining of a tunnel with a dream of digging all the way to cambodia. the dream continues with worldwidehole (worldwidehole.net) virtual holes are idealized in a translucid state using a brain frequency between sleep and wakefulness, experienced by us all when falling asleep and waking up. key i deal: u-i-u humanography (transparent world) senti mentales: love life connected communication kippenbergers metro net digging tunnels to china as a child with sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends, family trip to cambodia with the pavilllon in 2005 the hole attracted many people, whenever one human looked down into it, others would come and join them, forming a close circle around the hole, many looked up looking for the eye in the sky, together they understood, and laughed  and played, many trekkied down the stairs to be below the hole, so that a friend could take a picture of them inside the hole. some wandered upon the hole while no humans where visible, and only saw marble floor color,  and wandered off again, not seeing the hole, others looked slowly and the slowness offered them the view of another human walking down below, surprise, like a gift, from the reality of the virtual hole. i played hackysack in the hole as u gathered around to watch, danced with raphaelle, one of the mediatrices, left money to be foudn by passer byes, The virtual hole activates only through humans. gathered around, smiling laughing, speaking to strangers, sharing and playing, this is where the real hole lies. replica watches